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Everything I do revolves around my belief in God. Even though I was raised in church throughout my childhood, a relationship with Jesus Christ became very personal to me one Sunday morning in August of 1971. "On my knees in a church in Nashville, Tennessee Jesus Christ invaded my life." That's the best way I can describe that encounter. I was pursuing a country music career at the time and continued on that road for several years. God allowed me to run that track for a time, but he had some things in mind for me that I would never have dreamed of.

When I became a Christian I couldn't stop talking about Jesus. I talked to everyone who would listen and lots of folks who wouldn't. I heard someone say once, "Baby Christians will make some messes, but I'd rather have a nursery than a graveyard." I've learned a lot about sharing Christ with others since those early days. You don't have to steam roll people to share the love of God with them. Without a doubt they will feel that love if you extend it to them because God won't let it come back empty handed.

In this section of my website I'd like to tell you about some of the highlights in my ministry and my involvement in Gospel Music that I've been blessed to experience.


My husband Roy and I are on the road full time seeing the beauty and majesty of our God in the things He created. We are doing concerts, singing, preaching and teaching.

Along the way we get to visit our grandchildren and children. We have eight girls and two boys. One of our little boys is waiting for us in heaven. Roy and I are hoping for an even dozen but, we'll have to see! What a wonderful gift grandchildren are!

We are making eternal friends as we travel and are having the time of our lives. We're doing everything we can for our Veterans and Our Troops in the Middle East and their families.

Roy has a great new album titled "Look to Him". Everyone who hears the album raves about it. I'm so proud of my Roy. I love him and I love his singing. We are together all the time and there is nowhere else I'd rather be.

I'm blessed to record for Daywind Records and to still be working with my longtime friend, Norman Holland. Norman works with Mark Lowery on special road dates and through him a terrific thing happened. The multi-talented, Mark Lowry, asked me to be part of his "Senior Trip Tour" special events the remainder of this year and in 2007. You can click on Mark's website link to get details on upcoming events. You should make plans to join us on some of them.


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