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July 02, 2017

First I must say I love you and Your Music. I grew up listening to so many great tunes. I can't thank you enough for that. I am 57 now and not in great Health,but I still listen to Your LP's or cd's and it makes me feel better. So thank you for so much over the years.

Thor B Henriksen - OSLO, NORWAY

April 28, 2017

Dear Sweet Barbara,
We have enjoyed seeing you on Country Family Reunion that began in March, 2017 on Spectrum. We see your tender heart and your sweet spirit that so ministers to us and we know to many others in TV land and of course on the videos. We haven't been able to make a trip to Branson, would love to but, I iam not able to travel . We wanted to thank you and tell you that even though we might not be able to meet you and your family here on earth, we know one day we will meet you all in Heaven. Until then, we will keep on enjoying you sing and give praises to the Lord on TV.
We love you
Edd & Gail Stovall of SC

Edd & Gail Stovall - West Union, South Carolina

March 06, 2017

are you ever going to be coming back to ne arkansas for a concert? I have heard about you my whole life but never got to see you in person. i know you use to come back every year to knobel to sing. i was raised in a small town called stonewall.

tony condray - lafe, AR

November 30, 2012

Barbara, I got to see your noon show with the Silver Serenaders of TX this week & visit with you & some of my friends at our hotel that night when you dropped off the Teddy Bear books. I told you I loved your USA American Flag jacket & you took it off & gave it to me. I said it was only a "thing" & it was mine. The next morning at breakfast one of my dear friends told me she loved my snowflake earrings & I took them out & put them in front of her. She said I can't take those & I said they are only a "thing". Listen to my story. I told her about my new jacket & about the story of how God is working in both your & Roy's lives. I told my friends I was "Paying It Forward". I think if the whole world was more like that there would be no more gang wars & fighting.

Jean Clark - Duncanville, TX

November 21, 2012

I am looking for the Teddybear you were talking about at a Gospel Festival we saw you at Gilford Lake in Ohio

Sharon Sproul - New Brighton, PA

November 05, 2012

Barbara, It has been a few years since we have chatted.I was in knoble last year and thought of your family.Your father and mother were my parents best friends. Your aunt stayed with us while your uncle was in Korea. My father is gone now but he always looked up your family when in AR. Loved your song about your DAD, It brought tears to my eyes. Love you.

Bill Cooper - Central Point, OR

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