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March 24, 2012

Carol Smith - Portsmouth, Virginia

February 20, 2012

I saw you along time ago in Golden IL and you sang Teddy Bear song to me and my sister, you bought us a hot dog and let us stand next to you while you sang was the best time of my whole life. you also sang a song for my Mom and Dad, I didnt know then how much you were gonna efect my life, I wanted to see you in Branso with My Mom before she passed away but didnt get the chance to she died of cancer, when I saw your testimony on Ammunocal I went and bought it for my R.A and I have been doing better, Icalled you and talked with you and it was so wonderful to hear your voice but I think I worried you and hope you didnt think I was a crazy person cause I'm not just a woman who loves God and my husband and children and grandkids. It was great to hear your voice and I will remember it forever I only wish my Mom was here for me to share this with her. Thank you Barbara for showing me kindness when I was a little girl,

Mary Hallam - Highland, IL

February 15, 2012

Dear Barbara, I wanted to write to tell you how much I am enjoying watching the new Country Family Reunion Old Time Gospel videos! They are so great! I especially love all the things that you have said! You are such an inspiration for so many and I would love to meet you some day just to hug you and thank you for all you are to so many!! With much LOVE!

Anita Edwards - Leicester, NC

February 12, 2012

Dear Barbarah and Roy ,The precious memories of your visit to Baker City or several years back will always echo in our hearts ,especially when I got to back you up singing the Teddy Bear Song and you signing my 12 string guitar!! Wow what Great memories!Thank you Roy and Barb. You will always be remembered here in Baker City Or:)PS Hope you can come back!!

Manny & Valerie Gutierrez - Baker City, Oregon

February 10, 2012

Oh Bless you Barbara, I just received my DVD's and you sang "Follow Me" for the first time. I just can't begin to tell you how very much that meant to me, You sang it from your soul, it touched my heart so much. I have always loved your singing and the songs you choose to sing, but this one, this on is so special, you had never done it before and I wonder if you are going to include it in your shows. The emotion you put in that song is incredible, it came from your heart and you really got to me, infact I listened to it 5 times, and this morning I had to hear it again. you are truly one of God's children, I am sure the angels in Heaven cried like I did when they heard you sing this wonderful song. Thank you so much. Sandy

Sandy Tedesco - Nashville, North Carolina

February 06, 2012

We were on the county cruise, and it was the GREATEST. I have a picture of you hugging mw, and I would not take anything for it !! We are coming to Branson inn July and hope we get to see your show there.

John and Janet Harmon - Pontotoc, Ms.

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